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CASARA and the Military

Requests for Search and Rescue Services: Trenton Rescue Co-ordination Centre (JRCC)-- 1-800-267-7270 or CLICK HERE...

Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centres (JRCC's) often call upon CASARA resources across Canada
A Search and Rescue Technician (SARTEC) preparing to land near CYBR. SARTECs are multi-talented and often have training in survival, parachuting, swimming, diving and mechanics.

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CASARA is funded largely by the Canadian Military and partially by Transport Canada, all components of the federal Government of Canada. Many of our operations are based on tried and tested military experience, with training guidance often directly from senior navigators, pilots and search and rescue crew. Operations are commonly joint either in actual searches, search exercises (SAREX's) or direct work with military pilots as in Hercules intercept testing.

On missions across Canada, the CC-130 Hercules, the CC-115 Buffalo fixed-wing aircraft and the CC-149 Cormorant and CC-146 Griffon helicopters work in coordination with privately owned CASARA airplanes on SAR missions. The CP-140 Aurora also provides a communication platform as well as its surveillance/search capacity with its elaborate sensors. CASARA volunteers have options to fly with or on these military air assets. RCMP and Natural Resource helicopters such as the Bell Long-Ranger IV also work with CASARA in SAR operations as well as in Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR).

Canadian Military (Airforce) Search and Rescue Assets

CC-149 Comorant CC-115 Buffalo
CC-149 Cormorant CH-146 Griffon
CC-130 Hercules CP-140 Aurora

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CC-130 Hercules Cockpit CC-130 Hercules

Set for departure!

Click for 17 Wing, 435 Squadron Winnipeg Click for Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) 8 Wing, 424 Squadron Trenton

For CASARAMAN volunteers, extended training as a Search Coordinator has been offered at 17 Wing in Winnipeg and 8 Wing in Trenton for advanced SAR leadership and organizing skills.

The SearchMaster Course (0901) has also been offered at CFB Halifax (Stadacona) and in Sydney, Nova Scotia at the Canadian Coast Guard College. This top-level course culminates the experiences, intuition and decision-making processes of CASARA leaders and prepares them to work as Assistant SearchMasters during a major search event.

CFB Stadacona Canadian Coast Guard College

Military Correspondence relating to CASARA:

  • 435 CASARA O

  • 17 Wing

  • P.O. Box 17000 STN Forces

  • Wpg., MB

  • R3J 3Y5