Civil Air Search and Rescue Association - Manitoba

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Zone 1-Winnipeg
Zone 2-Brandon
Zone 3-The Pas
Zone 5-Manitoba


Breifing with Hercules crew and CASARA Search Coordinators prior to intercept, spotter training and para-drop
  • Spotter Training and Certification
  • Military Pilot Testing, Training and Interception
  • SARTEC (Search and Rescue Technician) Drop Zone

These pictures give views both air-to-air and from ground-to-air of the Hercules in action with our team. Hercules SARTECs (Search and Rescue Technicians) often parachute to their rescue target. They provide our team with skilled resources in survival techniques.

CASARA crews also have the opportunity to become spotter certified on the Hercules. CASARA civilians actually ride in the C-130, directing its crew to a designated ground target.

Hercules also work with simulated air-to-air intercepts of our private planes. These intercepts are worked to both test and recertify Hercules pilots and to provide our aircraft crew simulation roles.

Western Canadian Zones have tremendous evaluation and support by the Military. Captain Rod Lanning, the highest time C-130 Hercules pilot in Canada provides much of this support with his counterpart Captain Dennis Zebiere, a navigation specialist who provides superb evaluation of navigation techniques. Captain Tom Kolesnik, a former CASARA Liason Coordinator and evaluator, now works on the potential C-27J Spartan entrant into the Canadian SAR fleet while Captain David Helfenstein provides coordination for the joint CASARA-Hercules intercept missions and evaluations. All are from 435 Squadron in Winnipeg.

Captain Rod Lanning (rtd.): CASARA Liason Coordinator