Civil Air Search and Rescue Association - Manitoba

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Welcome to Zone 5 - The Zone of the Province

Over 30 Years of CASARA History Needs Your Input

CASARA and CASARAMAN are celebrating over 30 years of dedication and service. President Bev Williams thanks the many volunteers over the years who have contributed in their own way to the CASARA mission.

For Manitoba, CASARAMAN's history is being compiled and requires your input. Each Zone has been given notice to contribute to our history. A history of each Zone's executive list over the years would complement member pictures, memorabilia, news, events and notes. Your contribution marks our organization's success.

Please send any material directly to: Bev Williams


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New CASARA Display Requires Your Pictures

Do you have memorable pictures of an activity in CASARAMAN?

CASARA National has approved a new Display for events and promotion.

Six photos will form each Province's Display. Photos should be 840 X 1680 pixels.

Please send your photos directly to: Bev Williams





Virginia Dickson receives Navigator Wings from Darryl Childerhose Mary Ritchie receives Navigator Wings from Darryl Childerhose