Civil Air Search and Rescue Association - Manitoba

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Zone 1-Winnipeg
Zone 2-Brandon
Zone 3-The Pas
Zone 5-Manitoba


April 19, 2009:

Volunteers participated in ground homing utilizing both the newly designed digital display L'Helper and the old faithful one. All three crews successfully pinpointed the hidden ELT despite the propagation affected by a page wire fence, barbed wire and overhead power lines.

Phil, Ed, George and Roy successfullyhome the ELT using old faithful.

(photo courtesy Phil Friesen)

June 7 SAREX Shoal Lake

June 20 SAR Ken Kane ELT

June 21 SAREX Erickson


This SAREX involved a simulated inebriated pilot just north of Clear Lake-Binscarth area intercepted and recovered by a Hercules back to CYBR Brandon Airport.


Over Minnedosa

Chater Airfield (abandoned)

Mission end Herc RTB 435 Sq


July 24 SAREX Morden

June 28 SAREX Carlyle

July 4 SAREX Elliot

July 26 SAREX Russell (Joint with Zone 3)

This SAREX was coupled with the Russell Flying Club Fly-in. Zone 3 joined and participated with the ELT search. The ELT was detected immediately on top of a parked van.

ELT detected

ELT general area

On-top ELT

Photos courtesy of Gord Foote












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