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2009 Provincial AGM The Pas



Liz Rodnisky, Maureen Lunam and Terry Lumb Butch Lekepoy and Valerie Uffelman

June 13, 2009:

CASARAMAN – Provincial AGM

June 13, 2009

The Provincial AGM held in Zone 3, The Pas was a huge success, with members arriving in from both the Winnipeg & Brandon Zones.

Congratulations to Mr. John Davidson for being re-elected as the Provincial President & Ms. Sheri Briggs for being re-elected as our Provincial Secretary.



Photos courtesy of Valerie Uffelman

A huge THANK YOU must go out to Murray Harvey & Marilyn Meyer for the preparing the scrumptious breakfast, and to Dorothy & Richard LeBlanc, the members of The Pas Flying Club and CASARA – Zone 3, for the Steak BBQ/Supper. Everyone out did themselves. I’m sure there were a few air crews that had to readjust their seat belts for the return flight home.

TO DOROTHY & RICHARD, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a way to spend your special day.

To John Hall, from Winnipeg Zone1, Thank You for stepping up and accepting the position of Provincial Safety Officer. You’re always up for a challenge. Definitely looking forward to working with you. (I will have a special dish made up for just you for the next AGM held here, along with some Black Cherry wine).

To Perry Oxford & Terry Lumb, thank you for taking time out to meet with myself and most importantly the members of Zone 3.

With members representing all of our Zones, and Capt. Livio Paronuzzi, JRCC’s Casara Liason Officer, doing a Power Point presentation, the Provincial AGM was a huge success.

For those members, who could not be in attendance, we hope you will be able to attend the next Provincial AGM held here in The Pas.

Meeting new members & rekindling old ties cannot be beat and I for one am looking forward to the next AGM.


Val Uffelman,

Zone 3 Commander




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