Civil Air Search and Rescue Association - Manitoba

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Zone 1-Winnipeg
Zone 2-Brandon
Zone 3-The Pas
Zone 5-Manitoba

2003 Events

Yellowknife SAREX: Team Manitoba: Marvin Monchka, Jasna Todd(Yukon), Darlene Searcy, Kevin and Captain Rod Lanning Team Zone 3: Ivan Young, Stewart Graham, Gerry Angell and Stewart Robinson

June 6: Provincial AGM at The Pas

Morely receiving award

Larrie Happy and Perry Oxford

John Davidson and Gerry Rohr

First Aid Training at Zone 2 Brandon

Instructor Brenda Hamilton and Karen Black
Terry Pierce Ed Fikus

August 13, Western Canada SAREX Yellowknife

Team Manitoba in front of Buffalo Airways C-46 Commando Captain Rod Lanning addresses volunteers


Cigar Lake

Cigar Lake intercept

Enroute YZF Yellowknife

Flin Flon

Stoney Rapids

Team Manitoba under Buffalo Airways C-46

Enroute Yellowknife

Gerry Angel

Fort Smith, NT

Whale Backs, Great Slave Lake

Search topography


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