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Zone 2-Brandon
Zone 3-The Pas
Zone 5-Manitoba


March 17, 2007:

The Cold Happy Gang: Spotter Norma Leahy, Pilot Kevin, Navigator Larry Hall, Spotter Greg Pelchat (-32C night/-16C day search)

ELT Site with SARTEC's and Ground Team's Hootch and the good sign "LL"

Greetings to everyone from the north!

I am proud to say that we have passed our evaluation and can maintain our presence in the north for another year.  We would like to thank the seven members that participated to maintain our certification. Also a warm thanks to Kevin Choy who came up from Zone 2 with his aircraft so we didnít have to charter a larger one.

We had to fly this year, as weather conditions would not allow it last year.  Luckily the weather cooperated with us and we managed two flights and a ground exercise.  Thanks to the eagle eyes of Norma Leahy and Greg Pelchat and the veteran navigating skills of Larry Hall we found our target.  In addition thanks to the ground crew of Jake Mohns and Dan Ignatow the target was found with our ground homing device in excellent time.  Mike Tabin at communications and Mark Klatt coordinating the search rounded out our team.

We were glad to see John Davidson come up to Thompson and show support.  Thanks to all who participated and put their best foot forward to keep us around for another year.

Larry Hall

Acting Zone 4 Cdr.


KL5 (Shoal Lake)>YWG (Winnipeg International) Enroute>YTH (Thompson)

Departure KL5 to YWG

SW Lake Manitoba

South end Lake Manitoba (near Delta beacon)

Along Eastern side of Lake Winnipeg looking West Departure YWG to YTH (Solace)

Warren Landing - Big Mossy Point (N end Lake Winnipeg)

Ferry launch in winter NE Norway House

Winter Road NE Lake Winnipeg

West of YWG


The Human Side

Captain's Ben Toenders and Dennis Zebriere

Provincial Trainng Officer Darlene Searcy and Search Coordinator Larry Hall

Greg Pelchat, Norma Leahy and John Davidson

John Davidson and Dennis Zebriere


Search Area (Manitoba Perspective) Search Area (Northern Manitoba Perspective)

Search Area (Detailed GPS Track of Mission 1 and 2)








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