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SAREX Swan River

February 17, 2007

Swan River's team proved its undaunted determination to find its targets. Led by Allen Martin (Butch), two air teams of navigator Neil and spotters Walter and Jon and Neil with spotters Corinne and Ron executed a south-north and a west-east CLA for a "missing trapper" east of Minitonas. In flat light and at times MVFR but with eyes of an eagle, both teams found the target represented by a green tarp and a red flag south of a brush clearing along a fence line with trees to the east. Detail was down to the "holes in the tarp". Each team's spotters called in their own NOCL while navigator Neil Brown plotted and guided the search ship.

A third air team of navigator Butch and spotter's Brian and newcomer Jon used the homer for their first time to quickly detect elt target Walter on a road in between bush.

All targets were found and CLA tracking was precisely executed.



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