Civil Air Search and Rescue Association - Manitoba

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Zone 4 Thompson is currently non-operational and is now incorporated in Zone 3...

Welcome to Zone 4

  • We have the largest land mass of all the Zones with the least population.

  • This requires some ingenuity on our part to maintain safety and still fulfill

  • our mandates.

  • We stress the ability to survive in our group and promote it wherever we can

  • to be on top of mapping and search training: 

  • Crashes in the pre-CASARA period make prime search targets for our

  • new spotters such as a semi-intact C-46:


  • We maintain our portability as well to be able to serve the communities

  • falling within our zone, many of whom do not have all weather road access.

  • As you see we are totally surrounded by wilderness with only one road to

  • the south and one to the north:


  • We have a dedicated core of trained personnel that can be brought up at

  • a moments notice to answer the call to search:

By Larry Hall

March 2006

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